Aug. 4th, 2011

20percentcooler: (Caress me with your sweet lullaby)

Okay, I give - how the hay do you get into one of these human shops anyway? Is it normal for them to just start swinging brooms the moment you go in?

Oh and anypony's welcomed to stop by 1665 Nelson - I got something really, really cool back if ya wanna see it!

[Action - 1665 Nelson Street]

[Right above 1665 Nelson Street hangs a very large, oddly shaped cloud. Upon further inspection it turns out not to be a cloud, but a house - Rainbow Dash’s house, to be exact. She is pretty excited to have her house back.]

Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about! Heh, no more sleeping on those uncomfortable lumpy couches ever again. Awesome!

[Anyone watching will see her fly up and disappear into said floating house…

...Only to see her seconds later plummeting straight through the bottom of it, yelling right before she manages to catch herself before slamming into the ground. While she may have her house back, she hasn't got the ability back to walk on clouds.]

What the - what's the big idea?!


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