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Rainbow Dash (OU)

Mun Name: Dante
Mun Age: 24
Mun Livejournal: [ profile] terminafairy
IM: TheIrradiated on AIM
Other Characters in Game: N/A

Character Name: Rainbow Dash
Canon: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic


If “fast” could be used as a way of describing one’s personality, that would be Rainbow Dash in a nutshell. No matter where she has to go or what she has to do, she has to get there and accomplish that goal as quickly as possible. She even admits to Apple Bloom, Applejack’s sister, that she discovered a “need for speed” at a young age. She has no issue with speaking her mind, and that can lead her to being viewed as obnoxious and sometimes rude. She’s incredibly confidant in her own abilities, to the point where it stops being confidence and more egotistical. But while she likes bragging, sometimes she‘ll show herself to be insecure, especially when she has to put her money where her mouth is. Despite her desire for everything to be fast-paced, she can be somewhat lazy at times, taking naps instead of working and helping out.

Now if there’s one thing Rainbow Dash doesn’t like, she hates being slowed down. Just like a little kid, she complains and gets fidgety if she has to stay in one place for too long. And if she can’t use her wings at all? It drives her crazy. Alternatively, if there’s one thing Rainbow Dash loves, she loves playing pranks. Her idea of pranks are not malicious in nature, and she just likes messing with others. If someone plays a prank on her, she finds it entertaining and amusing instead of getting angry. The only time she’ll back off a good prank is if she’s convinced that the other party can’t handle it, but ultimately she sees it as just light-hearted fun.

Rainbow Dash outright states that she “hates losing”. She’s extremely competitive, especially when it comes to athletics. And sometimes she’ll get so carried away that she’ll resort to petty tricks in order to win, as shown when she and Applejack were racing against each other to see who was the most athletic pony. Because she despises losing or backing down from a challenge, she can be easily tricked or manipulated into doing something just to show she can overcome any challenge thrown her way. Challenging her to some kind of contest or dare? She wouldn’t dream of turning it down.

Despite all this, Rainbow Dash is loyal and brave. Occasionally her fear can get the better of her, but for the most part she‘ll charge in headfirst when there‘s danger. Her bravery can sometimes lead to recklessness, which gets her in trouble. Loyalty is also another trait of Rainbow Dash, willing to give up what she wants most in life for the sake of those she cares for. She even ends up cutting ties with her old friend Gilda, because Gilda kept insulting her and her friends. If Rainbow Dash really cares about someone, she’ll ultimately stick around for them.



Rainbow Dash is brave, being the one to take charge instead of running and hiding. If there’s a big problem that needs solved, she is usually reliable enough to get the job done. Not only that but she’s loyal to those she cares about, putting her friends first. She also is not shy about rising to new challenges.


Rainbow Dash can be egotistical and pretty rude. While she speaks her mind, she does so bluntly. Her overconfidence in herself can lead to problems and get her in over her head, and she sometimes recklessly charges into danger without thinking things through first. And because she loves going fast, she is often impatient and has trouble sitting still for too long.

First Person Sample:

[Do you know why ponies can’t text? Because their messages go something like this:]


[Yes, that would be Rainbow Dash attempting to figure out how to use the ConGypseCo Slider. As anyone can tell, she is doing a marvelous job. Eventually she somehow manages to turn on the audio and anyone listening can hear this message:]

-supposed to use this stupid thing anyway?! There’s too many buttons and they’re all so tiny!

[And finally, she somehow turns on the video feed. Anyone watching will see a blue pony with a rainbow-colored mane. No, no, you aren’t on drugs, that is what she really looks like. She also looks like she’s about to kick someone in the face.]



I think I got this.

[She clears her throat.]

I don’t know what this thing is or if anyone can hear me, but whoever stuck me in this dump better be listening and listening good! I don’t know how you sent me to space, but when I find out who you are you’re going to be really, really sorry!

Just send me back to Ponyville and I might let you off easy!

Third Person Sample:

Now don’t get Rainbow Dash wrong, she loves being in the skies. In fact there’s rarely a moment where she isn’t soaring above Ponyville, lounging around on a cloud, and let’s face it - she lives in a city in the sky, so she has absolutely no problem with being in the sky.

But this was space.

This was a lot of space. Darkness everywhere, aside from those small twinkling specks called stars. And Rainbow Dash never heard of a pegasus pony who lived in space before. So needless to say, she’s a little shocked by all of this right now.

“H-heh…Twilight, this some kind of new magic trick, right? You know you’re not fooling anyone, especially me! So knock it off!”

Now as much as Rainbow Dash loves pranks, this is a little too freaky for her. It had to be a trick, right? And what the heck was she wearing anyway? It was uncomfortable and looked totally uncool.

“If you're going to stick me in some dumb-looking outfit, you could’ve at least made it look cooler!”

Yeah, this wasn’t good. Dash didn’t like to admit to being worried or nervous, especially if this was some kind of prank, but she was a teeny tiny bit scared. She couldn’t really be in space, right? And even worse, her wings didn’t work in this stupid cramped place! She had to find everyone else and fast.

“All right guys, if you won’t come out then I’m coming to you! Just hang in there until I can find you!”

And Rainbow Dash takes off further into the Satellite of Love.

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