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[Rainbow Dash's stay in Mayfield hasn't been for long, but in the short time she's stayed here she's lost her wings, got her wings back, learned what a gun is, died (although she doesn't know that), and dealt with a household full of pesky drones. And today this pony has decided to start practicing her flying moves again. She can't allow herself to get rusty, and there was nothing better to do anyway.

She stands on the roof of 1665 Nelson, overlooking the rest of the neighborhood and talking to herself.]

Let's see...I'll try a double flip and a daring Dash dive! No, no, too dull. How about a triple flip and a cloud spin?! Hmm...maybe I should try coming up with something new and extra cool!

[But Rainbow Dash doesn't realize it's Father's Day, not that she cares anyway. So anyone in Mayfield will find her either:

A. Practicing her aerial tricks. Lots of mid-air back-flips, dives, racing and dodging buildings through Mayfield. But she'll stop to talk if you interrupt, after all she likes an audience.

B. And finishing up her cool moves, she'll be at the malt shop for a celebration drink. Only one problem: they don't allow ponies?!

ooc: Rainbow Dash is affected by all men, so feel free to boss her around!]
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