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[Anyone entering the Malt Shop this afternoon may notice something veeeeery off about a couple of patrons sitting at the counter. While Rin doesn't look at all out of place, this is a hangout for teenagers after all, something's strange about her companion awkwardly sitting down next to her.

Aside from the atrocious fashion sense, Rainbow Dash's tail is clearly sticking out from underneath the pink polka-dotted dress that Rin fitted her with. Never mind the dress itself barely fits, as her wings are awkwardly stuffed in the dress and making it look bulkier then it should. The gloves are kinda taped on to give the impression of human fingers instead of hooves.

Don't ask how they got the boots on. Don't ask.

Also that brightly colored biker helmet that's kind of covering Dash's face? That was completely Dash's idea. Hey, she had to have something cool about this ridiculous human getup.

The drone running the shop fixes them with an odd, almost suspicious look. The silence is unnerving as he looks Rainbow Dash over, and it lasts a couple minutes before the drone speaks up.]

And what would you kids like to eat?

[And Dash immediately jumps in to order first. She's so excited about being here right now.]

Got any grass sandwiches? I'm starving!

[Rin sharply elbows Dash, whispering to her.]

Pssst...humans don't eat grass! ♪

Well what the hay do they eat then?

Umm...meat? ♪

W-what really?! Humans are so gross!!

Shhh stop that or you'll blow our cover! ♪

[And then Rin will turn to the drone, who is now looking incredibly suspicious at them both.]

We'll have milkshakes! And fries! ♪

[The drone looks like he's about to say something, or go for the broom, before finally turning away to take their order. Both Rin and Rainbow Dash just let out a sigh as this ridiculous plan actually managed to work.

Approach them y/n?

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