Jul. 16th, 2011

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[Phone. Early in the morning.]

'Kay so, now that everypony’s talking their deep dark secrets about dumb stuff they're afraid of or that they wear women's clothing or something, I guess it's time I come clean about somethin’ I realized about myself.

I’m a comm…commu…commie...commthingy...

Uh, okay so I forget what it's actually called. I know it starts with a "c" and it's totally awesome and you should all join.

I think.

I'm gonna go do stuff.

[Action. That afternoon.]

[Rainbow Dash is in the front yard with a can of opened red paint. Because of how the town works, she lacks her usual cutie mark. Instead she's taken it upon herself to make an awesome new replacement until she can get her old one back. And with all this new found love for communism and after figuring out what it actually is, she knows just what to paint on her flank.

It’s supposed to look like this.

But because Dash isn’t really an artist, it looks something like this.

Either way, she’s pleased with her new replacement cutie mark.]

Aww yeah, no more blank flank!

…So what did I draw anyway?


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